Upcoming Exhibitions
June 7 - July 3, 2003
Opening Reception
Saturday, June 7, 6 - 8 pm
2003 UCSB MFA Thesis Exhibition
Chris August Michael Burns Jasmine Delgado
Stephen Dietl Robin Koenig Alisa Ochoa
Nina Seja Viviana Leija Jennifer Vanderpool
frumkin/duval gallery is pleased to present "Meanwhile", an exhibition of thesis work by UCSB Masters of Fine Arts students. The exhibition includes painting, photography, video, mixed-media, and installation work by nine artists who draw on subject matter ranging from nature and environment to human behavior and the human condition.
Of the representational work in the show, some deals with narrative, humorous or melancholy, while other pieces depict landscapes or people in places. Nina Seja's video and spoken word narratives contemplate the difference between the tourist and the exile, and reflect the haunting memories that accompany the displaced individual. Christopher August's digital and video work documents the life of Ishi, the last Yahi Indian, and comments on the impact of Manifest Destiny. Steve Dietl's work draws on an equation between crass, unsettling, and playful images that allow for laughter, disgust, contemplation and entertainment. Alisa Ochoa's drawings, sculpture, and print multiples present a microcosmic view of natural phenomena in their infinite complexity. Jasmine Delgado's hand cut, stenciled, and spray painted murals of the Los Angeles landscape reflect her experiences growing up in the west end of the San Fernando Valley and riding public buses.
The abstract work deals with formal issues of aesthetic, such as shape, material, line, composition, and craft. Viviana Leija Urias' work focuses on daily details that vary, referencing the infinite mobility of the world and the temporality of forms. Michael Burns' artwidgets © are an integrated system that shapes and reconfigures the systematic nature and operational aspects of locations, spaces, and environments. Robin Koenig's work is made through a methodical repetition of lines, shapes, colors and textures; her work synthesizes this record of time spent in the studio with recollections of a more distant past. Jennifer Vanderpool employs food, body care, and other domestic products to create multi-sensory installations that engage the viewer in a haptic, tactile environment.