January 19 - February 23, 2002
Opening Reception
Saturday, January 19, 2003, 5 - 7pm
Amy Ellingson
Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall
Amy EllingsonŐs paintings are composed like hip-hop songs. Using her computer to recycle imagery, she samples, reconstitutes and rearranges typography, textile patterns, architectural embellishment, and advertising into a whole new visual fabric. The cyclic method of construction mimics the flow of images through culture. Ellingson paints with pigmented encaustic. This luminous seductive material becomes dense and plastic-like, moving the medium beyond paint toward "object". In her new body of work, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, Ellingson has begun to "iron out the irony", using less appropriated imagery. Rather, she is relying on formal elements such as points, lines, and grids, which she continues to manipulate on the computer, and then translates to large encaustic paintings. These works do not refer to the cycle of the four seasons in the usual sense; she approaches the project from the standpoint of how our perception of time changes as the seasons change. Hence, Even After a Century of Winter involves complex layers of geometric patterns, One Unbounded Spring is composed of vertical linear thrust with a punctuating cacophony of dot patterns, Summertime This Time Removed has flowing rhythmic shapes truncated and interrupted and Till From Itself it Fell utilizes stretched and pinched grids and linear forms alluding to gravitational force. Also showing is a small edition of prints correlating to each of the large paintings. Ellingson works and lives in San Francisco, CA .