January 19 - February 23, 2002
Opening Reception
Saturday, January 19, 2003, 5 - 7pm
Jaq Chartier
Chartier's work is driven by an innate curiosity about paint, process and a layman's interest in science. Each of her paintings starts as an actual test springing from questions about certain materials and how they can interact. She explores the migrations of pigments, inks, dyes and chemical stains through layers of acrylic gels, gessos and spray paints, finding movement of these materials to be evocative and often surprising, developing overtime in the way a photograph develops in the darkroom. The scale is intimate enough as it is mostly about looking at nuance and subtlety. Using references to science from a collection of DNA gel electrophoresis, molds, bacteria, cellular structures, even pictures of stuff in test tubes or certain charts and comparisons, Chartier looks for anything that is technologically based and contemporary, yet organic and archetypal. Sometimes she documents the materials she used by writing in pencil labels on the front or sides of the piece. Chartier is interesting in "creating work that is real and direct, not a picture about something, but a piece that is the thing itself". She structures her paintings to invoke a correlation that feels resonant with questions on the nature of human curiosity and creativity. This is her first solo exhibition at frumkin/duval gallery. Chartier works and lives in Seattle, WA.